Post Production

"Godia Media is equipped with the latest high end post production equipment featuring an HD Smoke and Matrox Axio as well as Maya CGI and several animation workstations. Our output material conforms to all the necessary broadcast standards."

With the ability to meet the needs of commercial post, film, or broadcast and edit in multiple format and resolution, Godia is perfectly match to the needs of the production companies.

Since its inception in late 2010 Godia Media has lead the way in post production innovation and techniques.

Staffed my a team of professional individuals from a multi-national background, comprising the best in film, HD and 3D. At Godia we understand the need to diversify in an ever changing media world, whilst the fundamentals like filming and editing remain the same, areas such as content delivery and data workflows constantly challenge our team of highly skilled individuals. It is the challenge we relish in order to stay one step ahead.


  • Non-Linear Editing
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Special Effects
  • Cel Animation

Godia Media understands that post is not  just an end of a line process, pre visualization, story and mood boards are all part of the service. Whether it’s on shoot post attendance or discussing the work during a pre-production meeting. Godia Media is committed to client servicing and delivery that supersedes any other competitor. And to this an innovative and dedicated editing and compositing side then Godia Media really becomes the perfect one stop shop for any creative service. Allowing your ideas and concepts to be brought to life, is what we here at Godia, do best.